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J1118 Gary Reeves

Whirling Logs Design

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Sterling silver bracelet by award winning Navajo silversmith Gary Reeves. The ½” hand stamped bracelet with an overlay Whirling Logs design is 5 1/2" inside with a 1 3/8" gap.

The Whirling Log symbol is associated with a story about a Navajo man who takes a journey down a river in a hollowed out log canoe. On his trip he comes upon whirlpools. There he encounters a whirling cross with Yei figures seated on a cross. From the Yeis he learns much knowledge which he takes back to his people. The Whirling Logs is a positive Navajo symbol used in healing ceremonies.

Gary Reeves, Navajo silversmith, was born 1962 in Gallup, New Mexico.  He comes from a family of silversmiths; his brothers Sunshine and David Reeves are both accomplished silversmiths. He has been active in making jewelry since 1974 and is a favorite of collectors.  Gary has won numerous awards for his traditional hand stamped silverwork.

About the artist

Gary Reeves

Navajo silversmith Gary Reeves was born 1962 in Gallup, N.M. and died July 2014.

He began working in silver in 1974. He was the older brother of renowned silversmith Sunshine Reeves and the younger brother of David Reeves (now deceased), who was so instrumental in teaching the craft to both Gary and Sunshine, as well as their half-brothers Darrel and Andy Cadman.

While each artist has his own individual style, they all share an affinity for complex engraved and hand stamped geometric designs and they are all a part of recreating and popularizing the old Navajo designs of the early 20th century. They call their style Navajo Revival Style.

Gary filled his old style silver with lots of stamp patterns and used high quality pieces of

turquoise. He smithed silver from the age of twelve years old making rings and cast items. Gary says “When I entered 9th grade (1975) I was working fulltime for Loco Trader in Gallup, New Mexico. My brother Leroy was there and I was making around $200 a week.”

His work, like that of his brother Sunshine, is present in the collections of the Heard Museum in Phoenix. Gary has won numerous awards for his work.

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